Friday, April 3, 2009

Cioppino Recipe From Chef Rob


An Italian Fish Stew

-8 oz. cod or haddock skinless cut into pieces

-6 U-13 shrimp peeled and deveined

-8 oz. lump crab meat

-8 oz. fresh calamari cut into rings

-6-8 clams

-8-10 mussels

-6 U-10 scallops

-tbsp butter

-2 tbsp olive oil

-juice of 1 lemon

-tsp anchovy paste


-1 28oz. can crushed tomatoes

- 1 12 oz. jar clam juice

-1 med onion diced

-1 tbsp. garlic minced

-4-5 leaves fresh Basil chopped

-1 tbsp fresh parsley chopped

-2 tbsp olive oil

-salt and pepper to taste

-2 oz. white wine

-8 oz. water


-In a small to med sauce pot, add the olive oil over high heat.

-Add the onions and cook until clear, stirring often.

-Add the garlic and deglaze with white wine.

-Add the tomatoes, clam juice and water to the pot.

-Bring to a simmer over med high heat, stirring often, then reduce to low to med and simmer for 30 min.

-add the basil, parsley and salt & pepper.

-Set aside.

-In a braising pot, melt butter with olive oil over med high heat.

-Add cod or haddock pieces and season with salt and pepper. Cook for 2 min.

-Add clams and mussels. Take one scoop of the sauce and add it the pot. Cook for 2 min.

-Add your calamari and shrimps. Cook for 2 min.

-Add the juice of one lemon and anchovy paste.

-Add the remainder of the sauce and bring to a simmer.

-Add the crab meat and scallops (you can cut the scallops smaller if you want).

-Cook for 5 minutes longer and Cioppino is ready to serve.

-Serve with garlic bread toast and enjoy.

(C) Chef Rob; Cardonas Market Sphere: Related Content

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