Monday, March 30, 2009

The Easter Holiday and Party Season are upon us! Think Cardonas Market Frist!

1. Meat Dept. "Fresh Legs of lamb, Hatfield Farm Hams cut to order. Crown pork roasts prepared by our butcher. When you think of our Meat Dept. always think of freshness! We butcher everything fresh in store! Never processed! With Cardonas, you always know that you are getting the freshest cut possible!
2. Cookies, pies, desserts. Fresh Italian cookies 2lb. trays $14.99., 5lb. box of cookies $25.00 A great deal for cookies for the whole family! "Order your Easter Pies today" Ricotta, wheat, meat, grain, pies "Old world recipes just like you remember from Grandma" You can pick up order forms in the store. In addition we will be loading up on all types of cookies, desserts, and traditional holiday Easter items, Chocolate Easter eggs and Pantone cakes both Imported from Italy.
3." Holiday platters" such as Antipasto, deli, Caprese. Cardona's Meatballs and Eggplant Parmigana should be a must on the dinner table as well as are jarred sauce's to take care of any of your pasta dishes.
Around the holidays it is always our time to shine!
Remember, special times call for a special store! Stop at Cardonas and make a holiday meal that even your mother in law will rave about!
340 Delaware Ave
Albany, NY 12209
(518) 434-4838
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